Ganapati Bappa – Visarjan Woes

Visrajan Woes : Ganapati Idols left to decay after Visarjan

Ganapati or Anant Chaturdashi is a much loved and celebrated festival in all of Maharashtra, until after the Visarjan.

Everyone, from all age groups and religions look forward to welcome the elephant god in their homes for 11 days. He is treated like the most loved and important guest during these days and there is much fanfare.

But what happens to the same ‘idol’ after the 11 days, and in some cases lesser, is extremely heart breaking. After visarjan, that is the practice of submerging the idol in the sea for His departure to his heavenly abode, the idols are seen languishing on the shore, is various states of disrepair. Discarded as if they mean nothing. The sea throws out the idols it cannot digest, because there are literally thousands and thousands of these plaster of Paris idols put in the sea.

This little child could not understand what could’ve changed in a matter of a few days. Why was her God being treated this way at all.

It is a telling commentary on us adults.

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