Himalayan Mountains

The Himalayan Mountain range are a sight to behold.


Himalayan mountains – No amount of prose, or photographs can do justice to the beauty that is the Himalayan range. In one of our road trips in May 2017, we traveled all the way to Thanedar, in Himachal Pradesh. The view of the Himalayan mountain range from Thanedaar was spellbounding.

Himalayas from 35000 feet

A view of the Himalayas from 35000 feet

Captured from nearly 35000 feet, a view of the Himalayas that is unparalleled. This was captured enroute Ladakh, in the early morning flight from Delhi. Folks rave about the bike ride to Leh, but after viewing this, I don’t have any regrets.

At 6 in the morning, the mountains called for adventure. I wished I had a parachute I could use at this moment, and get lost forever.

Visarjan Woes

Ganapati Bappa – Visarjan Woes

Visrajan Woes : Ganapati Idols left to decay after Visarjan

Ganapati or Anant Chaturdashi is a much loved and celebrated festival in all of Maharashtra, until after the Visarjan.

Everyone, from all age groups and religions look forward to welcome the elephant god in their homes for 11 days. He is treated like the most loved and important guest during these days and there is much fanfare.

But what happens to the same ‘idol’ after the 11 days, and in some cases lesser, is extremely heart breaking. After visarjan, that is the practice of submerging the idol in the sea for His departure to his heavenly abode, the idols are seen languishing on the shore, is various states of disrepair. Discarded as if they mean nothing. The sea throws out the idols it cannot digest, because there are literally thousands and thousands of these plaster of Paris idols put in the sea.

This little child could not understand what could’ve changed in a matter of a few days. Why was her God being treated this way at all.

It is a telling commentary on us adults.

Football on the Versova Beach

Versova Beach and Football

Versova beach is a good place to play football.

Versova beach, is a popular beach in Mumbai. It is close to the the Versova village which is home to the community of fishing folk known as ‘Kolis‘. But like all of Mumbai’s beaches, it is also far from being a clean and enjoyable beach. .It is a popular destination for a game of football and you’ll find many a folk indulging in the game. The beach has the advantage of being a little off the way, and hence the crowds are considerably lesser, as compared to Mumbai’s favourite and well know beach – Juhu Beach.

However, it doesn’t have a on the beach eating set up like Juhu beach. Consequently it isn’t as packed on the weekends either.

Jam Session for the Bombay Barhopper Gig

Jam Sessions

Jam Sessions At Home

Many of you would recollect, we hosted some really epic Bombay Barhopper gig  a few years ago. The jam sessions prior to the gig were mostly done at home.

I was going through the archives and this image from an earlier jam session came up. We must restart the Bombay Barhoppers gig again.

What do you think?