Jam Session for the Bombay Barhopper Gig

Jam Sessions

Jam Sessions At Home

Many of you would recollect, we hosted some really epic Bombay Barhopper gig  a few years ago. The jam sessions prior to the gig were mostly done at home.

I was going through the archives and this image from an earlier jam session came up. We must restart the Bombay Barhoppers gig again.

What do you think?

Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Window Art

Stained Window Art Work is Pure Love!

Paris has a lot of beautiful churches. Some of these churches have fantastic glass work that has been maintained with love and care. Not a pane is dirty or broken or faded. I am sure it takes a phenomenal amount of effort just to keep these windows looking like they do. This glass window was seen at the Notre Dam Cathedral was one of the top most attraction for me while in Paris.

Apparently there is something known as Stained Glass tourism that also exists in Paris. Do not miss this on your next trip!

A chilled glass of Beer

Beer: A love affair

Beer makes everything good.

Very few things in life bring pure satisfaction like a chilled glass of Beer. Stella Artois is one of my preferred beers. It is crisp, and that is something i love the most about it. This glass of Stella was fresh from the tap, and enjoyed in the streets of Mechelen., Belgium.


Pista House, Hyderabad

Pista House in Hyderabad

Pista House, Hyderabad during Ramzan

We took a trip to Hyderabad during Ramzan, to partake in the feasts. Pista House, the famous house of Haleem, was all lit up in the colors of the national flag! What a delight! The changing colors reflected a myriad of moods, but to see the colors of the National Flag, was a different high.

Heart of Rose

Heart of the Rose

“A rose by any other name, would smell as sweet”


A Rose.

A delicate and beautiful yellow rose. It can be both a simple joy and a mystery. It conveys a range of emotions from love to sadness and hurt to joy. A rose is unlike any other flower.